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E Scott Kuffer

Sarasota Venice Area Fishing Report 10/19/16

Flounder action peaking in Sarasota Venice area fishing

Capt. Zach Zacharias (cool name) reports that flounder, a very tasty fish indeed, are biting well in the Sarasota and Venice area waters. Flounder and their cousins the Fluke (I never could tell the difference) are not usually targeted in the Gulf like they are up north like in NJ and the Raritan Bay area where I learned to fish growing up. But they are one of the best tasting fish period. I plan to get on the water myself in the next couple days to find some!

Read Zach’s report here:   Fishing Report                                     

A Raritan Bay Fluke

A Raritan Bay Fluke

My Dad's last boat in Morgan Creek NJ

My Dad’s last boat in Morgan Creek NJ